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This schedule is provided if you want to make sure you are on task to finish your book this year and receive your book award.


All Cubbies who are in attendance each night will finish their books in one year.  The Cubbies staff will work with Cubbies who aren't able to be here every night to help them catch up so that they can earn their book award each year.


 Complete By:
 Hang Glider
Rank Path Section 1
 Red Jewel 3 Section 2
Red Jewel 4 Section 3
Green Jewel 4 Section 2
Wing Runner
 Red Jewel 1 Section 2
Red Jewel 2 Section 4
 Green Jewel 3 Section 2
Green Jewel 4 Section 4
 Climber Red Jewel 1 Section 6
Red Jewel 3 Section 3
Green Jewel 1 Section 1
Green Jewel 4 Section 1


 Complete By:
 Book 1
Discovery 2:2
 Discovery 4:4
 Discovery 6:6
 Discovery 8:7
 Book 2
Discovery 3:2
 Discovery 5:4
 Discovery 7:6
 Discovery 8:7
 Book 3
 Challenge 2:7
 Challenge 4:7
 Challenge 6:7
 Challenge 8:7
 Book 4
 Challenge 2:7
 Challenge 4:7
 Challenge 6:7
 Challenge 8:7

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